Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breakfast - Gluten/Egg Free

So you might wonder what one eats for breakfast when they cannot eat anything with gluten or eggs? I wondered that at first, too! But slowly I have found some great alternatives. Here is one of my favorites. I used to make this with eggs - so now I just leave out the eggs and add a little cheese for a little more protein. Here is my

Eggless Breakfast Omelet

First I julienne a small zucchini
and prepare any other yummy veggies I may have - today I had asparagus and I almost always have a bag of chopped green onions prepared to throw into a recipe

I stir fry that all in my little pan and add some turkey bacon (I chop up and fry a whole package at a time and then just have it ready to add to recipes)

When that is all cooked I add a very generous handful of baby spinach

Once the spinach is cooked down, I lay a few slices of swiss cheese over the top and cover the pan to allow it to melt.

Here is my yummy breakfast with a half slice of my gluten free, egg free bread, toasted.

(I use this bread mix from Bob's Red Mill and the egg replacement from here )


Anonymous said...

Looks really good Ruth! Glad you're coming up with some ideas for breakfast. The bread looks delicious!

Jacque Evans said...

Have you tried that egg replacer stuff for scrambling/omeletizing?
I love the suggestions for cutting up a whole batch of scallions and pre-cooking the turkey bacon. I often buy a bunch of green onions and most of them go bad before I use them because it seems too big a pain-in-the-neck to chop them while I am cooking. And we use the Louis Rich Turkey bacon too, but same problem, I generally only use it for breakfast meals, but think I could toss a bit in many dishes if I had it ready to go.