Friday, September 23, 2011

More Changes

My life is evolving .... It is interesting to look back over this blog and see the changes I have made over the last several years. In the last 6 months my life has once again drastically changed. To date I have lost 44 pounds on EET Fitness Plan (70 pounds all together since March 2010) Once again I have changed my eating and exercise routines with fabulous results. To see a brief update on my story and learn a little more about EET (Eating and Exercise Timing) check out this link!
So.... this is a disclaimer. This blog is a progression (EETer's will appreciate that word) It started with my down home comfort cooking and has evolved into my allergen friendly lifestyle and now into my eating and exercise life style. Fortunatley, because of this great plan I can still eat my down home comfort cooking (within my allergy perimeters) at the right time. That is what is so great about this plan - I eat the foods I love and still loose weight (and keep it off!)